What is Romana’s Pilates?

Romana’s Pilates is the company formed by Romana and Sari who both trained closely with Joseph and Clara Pilates for decades, to continue Pilates’ work – you can’t get much closer to the roots of Pilates than that!

Everyone studying Pilates today can trace their roots back to Romana in one way or another. As a matter of fact, either their teacher, or their teacher’s teacher or their teacher’s teacher’s teacher was trained with or by Romana. The closer this connection is to the roots, the closer the work is to the way it was intended to be by Joseph Pilates himself.

Romana’s Pilates instructor training programme is highly regarded in the industry and known for its depth and quality of education.

The hundreds of teachers who are active in Romana’s Pilates, continue to embody and teach the method the way Romana was taught by Joseph Pilates.


Pilates Studio
Keizerstraat 32
2584 BJ Den Haag
070 350 8684




In 1994 opende The Pilates Studio in Den Haag haar deuren als eerste Pilatesstudio van de Benelux. In het jaar 2000 werd tevens een locatie in Rotterdam geopend.